Core Values

Jung-E Foodville adheres to principles and values.

  • 1. BtoB Customized development service

    From the development stage, we establish quality standards through production manual management and propose products optimized for clients based on a wide range of recipes held by former hotel chefs.

  • 2. Tailored quality service

    We collect site data of our business partners and systematically analyze and manage products in order to cooperate with clients and to maintain the best quality.

  • 3. Creating customer value through technology development

    • Minimized deviations between samples and finished products Secured technology to maintain development intention and quality to create common values with customers
    • Product development technology based on various recipes Ready-to-cook products (HMR, meal kit), stir-fried / roasted products, side dishes, convenience store snacks, side dishes for alcoholic beverages, broth, soup, stew
    • Product developed with nutrition and health in mind Developed low-salt, low-sugar products optimized for special needs such as hospitals and nursing homes