Quality Safety Management

We produce the best products through complete sanitation and systematic quality management system.

HACCP Certification

Established systematic sanitary management system through HACCP by Type;
pre-managed and prevented risk factors secured quality management data accumulated through handling various product groups

4 types out of 11 types (pickled products, roasted products (livestock / agricultural / marine), processed marine products and seasoned salted seafoods) operated under HACCP

Integrated audit system of partner companies

Conducts sanitary audits by a partner company more than once a month

Established an effective production management system by applying audit results to production

Target : Samsung Welstory / CJ Freshway / Hyundai Green Food / Shinsegae Food / Bon Dosirak / Homeplus, etc.

Controls sanitation and quality through scientific verification

Prevents harmful substances and reacts to food-related issues in advance

Conducts food safety management through external inspection agencies and self-quality inspection

Owns an affiliated research center

Predicts and prevents risks in advance through management of complaints history

Food safety management

Jung-E Foodville is faithful to the basics.

Food sanitation 7S management

We carry out sanitary control through maintenance of microorganism-level control.

  • Organize

  • Arrange

  • Clean

  • Cleanse

  • Sterilize

  • Habit

  • Sanitary